19 degrees

19 Degrees is an oversize unisex sweater in 2 sizes – with adjustable length for body and sleeves. The sweater is worked top down with easy raglan increases.

19 degrees is designed to be beginner friendly.

Size: A shirt with freedom of movement with chest measurements 110 cm and 130 cm

Length: Body 55 cm, (60 cm), sleeves 50 cm

Knitting gauge: 10 cm x 10 cm = 13 sts x 20 rows.

Needle size: Circular needle 6 mm (40 cm). Circular needle 7 mm (40 cm, 80 cm). Circular needle 6 (40 cm, 80 cm)

Yarn: The two threads are knitted together:
Isager Aran Tweed 100 g = 160 m
Isager Silk Mohair 25 g = 212 m
(If necessary, ask your yarn shop about yarn alternatives)

Quantity: Isager Aran Tweed 6, (6) ngl.
Isager Silk Mohair 4, (5) ngl.

If you want the body or sleeves longer than the stated measurements, extra yarn must be purchased.

Selection: two dishes in one dish, i.e. a knit without removing the stitch and then a twisted knit in the same stitch in the back link.
Increase: 2 straight sl st.

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